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What our affiliate program offers:We offer the chance to earn some money. Just share a link. We offer 5% of the every order. It may not seem much, but our customers buy many products, mainly for worming. As it becoming a public knowledge, that humans should periodical worm themselves as general animals do.


We are providing the payouts by BTC or PayPal. You can demand first payment after reaching the minimum reward of $ 10 at the end of each month.

Register for free Bitcoin and get affiliates under bitcoin and take buy under bitcoin REGISTER HERE

How Affiliate Marketing works.The affiliate shares a referral link or adds a banner on a website.The customer clicks on the affiliate link and is redirected to this online store.

Hooray the customer makes a purchase and affiliate receives a commission of the sale

Affiliate Links

You will get your own referral code, which will identify, that the customer is yours




We also provide our partners a ready made banners, that you can place on to your web pages, forum signatures and stuff



Social marketing

Do you have many followers and/or friends. Easy, just share your affiliate link there



Some common questions and answers

How much will I make?

We provide 5% commission, so from every order a customer make, you get 10% reward. No limits Use your imagination and share your affiliate link wherever you want.

How to get the payout

Whenever you will want after your commission rewards reach 20 dollars threshold. The fastest way is to send us an email and we will initiate the payout asap

Is there any maximum or limit?

None at all! Whenever the customer finishes an order, you will get your commission which is yours and always remains to be. There is also no maximum of how much you can make.

How the system works?

Whoever will come here from your affiliate link and make an order will receive a cookie identifier. Every future order made will be counted towards your commission for a period of 365 days

Rutchadaporn Boonmeemak


Contractor with charming smile always brings us new products that you can offer your clients.

Barnabas Vaclav


Very willingly and gladly provide you with information regarding the shipment constantly monitors where they are currently located shipment.


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